Roll #44

My awesome anniversary presents from Amy arrived a week ago:

A Nikon 20mm f/2.8 AF-D and a Nikon Speedlight SB-28.

Well on to roll #43! I shot most of the roll at 20mm, but I didn’t take any shots that really utilized the focal length. Instead I focused on experimenting with flash. Ugh. This will be long and expensive learning curve. I read through, read through the SB-28 manual, and watched Zach Arias’ “Onelight Workshop” before I went out shooting. Unfortunately, the information out there assumes you have a digital SLR with which you could shoot and adjust, shoot and adjust. I set out to a park with my camera, flash, pen, notebook, and a cranky model. I shot, wrote down my settings and environment, and hoped for the best.

This photograph was the only shot in a series of shots that exposed halfway decently (you can actually somewhat make out the subject!). I was experimenting with matrix-metered TTL and bracketing shutter speeds to see how much ambient light was affected at each stop. I didn’t bother with a tripod since I was only trying to figure out exposure. This was handheld at 2 seconds which is why the background bokeh is strange and why parts of Amy blur. The flash was bounced off of a big white metal sign to my right which made this shot more usable than some of the other direct flash shots (though I have no idea if TTL is reliable if the flash head isn’t pointing directly at the subject).

This weekend I went out to a bar where I played around with the flash some more:

I was at a small bar so even bouncing the flash off of walls was too harsh most of the time. Phew, a lot to learn.


About Jeeheon

Hello. I'm from Boston. I like photography, jamming, nature, and traveling.
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