Roll #45

Went to the local temple complex this morning to take a few shots taking advantage of my new ultra-wide angle Nikon 20mm f/2.8 AF-D. To give you an idea of the perspective this focal length can give you, I took three shots of the same statue from the same angle with three different lenses:

Shot at 20mm:

Shot at 50mm:

Shot at 105mm:

Shot at 20mm f/16:

Shooting this wide allows you to really pull in a lot more context behind the subject.

Here are a few more shots:


About Jeeheon

Hello. I'm from Boston. I like photography, jamming, nature, and traveling.
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1 Response to Roll #45

  1. That’s so awesome! Love the one of the statues face with the temple behind it. Great depth of field in all of them. Super fun to see your experiments! Can’t wait to see more 😀

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