Some Holga Fun

I bought an overpriced Holga 120CFN a few months ago and shot two rolls of 120 film and two rolls of 135 film. I got them developed but couldn’t get them scanned or printed due to costs and complications. This weekend I finally bought an Epson V600 flatbed scanner and was finally able to see the results!

Anyways, here are some of my favorites:

Some quaint rice paddies in Oizumi.

Uhoh, Amy doesn’t look too happy.


I sort of liked how this looked but I taped up the light leaking area because this was just too leaky.

Little gnome forest. Or for people Amy’s height.

Pretty cool, no idea how this happened.

Well, that’s it for my first experiments with the Holga. It’s a fun camera that can take the self-imposed seriousness out of photography. Sometimes I feel too much pressure to make the shot count, to take a picture of something worthwhile. The Holga lets me not care about any of that and just indiscriminately shoot anything that seems fun or interesting. Can’t wait to pick up some more film for it tomorrow and shoot it again for the first time in months!


About Jeeheon

Hello. I'm from Boston. I like photography, jamming, nature, and traveling.
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5 Responses to Some Holga Fun

  1. jb20roses says:

    Cool, I like image ‘d’ (taken in the garden). There’s a lot happening with loads of colours, yet it’s blurred at the edges to create a central focus area. Nice

    And yes I agree with your comment about the scanner being faster, yet not quiet as clear. Looking forward to see how your next lot come out

  2. sibokk says:

    Your Holga seems to offer a nicer colour palette than my Diana. I seem, more often than not, to get more murky images – not helped by the usually atrocious Scottish weather I might add.

  3. Jeeheon says:

    it may also be my scan settings, hard to tell what’s what. i also do a little post-processing 😉

  4. cyleodonnell says:

    Love the Holga shots. I like the flat, chromatic base that it gives the image. I miss messing around with old film stuff.

  5. Jeeheon says:

    whats up cyle, enjoy your travels 😉

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