Roll #50

Either Fujifilm Neopan Presto 400 really sucks or my scan settings really suck. Either way, I had to post-process the hell out of these images to get them to come alive. Perfect scan settings can be difficult to figure out and the negatives seemed contrasty enough so I’ll blame my scanning job.

Here are a few from the roll:

I’m a beginner to black and white photography but I really get the sense that there’s a lot to explore with this medium. It helps make mundane objects come alive and makes otherwise flat images more interesting. I’ll be shooting black and white more often in the future. More to come…


About Jeeheon

Hello. I'm from Boston. I like photography, jamming, nature, and traveling.
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3 Responses to Roll #50

  1. Jeremy says:

    There’s some nice shoots in there.
    I found that when using black and white I had to view my subject completely different than if I were using colour. I also found that it was better shooting in the middle of the day to get high contrast rather than morning and evening as you would with colour film.

  2. Jeeheon says:

    Thanks man. Yeah i agree about having to view subjects differently. a great shot in color wouldnt work as well in bw and vice versa. thanks for the tip about midday shooting, will try with the next roll.

  3. sibokk says:

    They still look really nice though and like Jeremy said, you do start to pick your shots differently obviously because a colour can be such a dominating feature in an image.

    I’m look forward to your next roll.

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