Roll #55

Got a two month old roll of film developed – I love seeing shots I’ve forgotten about :).

Ferris wheel in Odaiba, Tokyo.

Bridge at Odaiba, Tokyo.

Don’t know what this is doing in Tokyo…

Overlooking the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo.

Dhammadicca Vipassana meditation center in Chiba, Japan.

Christmas present from Amy.

Light wisterias at Ashikaga Flower Park.


About Jeeheon

Hello. I'm from Boston. I like photography, jamming, nature, and traveling.
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4 Responses to Roll #55

  1. jb20roses says:

    I love the first two images! The tonal variation in the sky is so smooth and directs attention down to the subject. What film were you using?

  2. Rick Schuster says:

    Glad to see you’ve gotten some film developed. I missed seeing new stuff.

  3. damchoe says:

    Love the light wisterias!

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