Roll #60

This roll is the the second of four rolls shot in Kyoto. The previous roll (roll #59) and this roll (roll #60) were shot at the same time on two different cameras so some of the subjects are the same. Roll #59 was shot with a 50mm lens and roll #60 was shot with my wide 20mm lens.

Enjoy Kyoto wide:

Large torii gates.

Large torii gates prior to entering Fushimi Inari.

One of the temples at Tofuku-ji with beautiful white pebbles.

Mmm mm, some more shabu-shabu.

Bamboo grove at Sagano.

Entrance to a garden.



Sagano. Unfortunately this is the only shot I got without people all over the place. Japan’s a country with a third of the population of the US living in a country the size of California. All of those people have the same days off a year so every place worth going is always swamped and completely crowded.

More Sagano.

Trolley to Arashiyama.


Steps to Ryoan-ji.

Ryoan-ji rock garden.

Ryoan-ji rock garden. Looks tranquil but just to my right are hundreds of people.





Another temple in the Ryoan-ji temple complex.

Flora around the Ryoan-ji temple grounds.

Kinkaku-ji, the Golden Pavilion.



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Hello. I'm from Boston. I like photography, jamming, nature, and traveling.
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