Roll #46

Now that I have a scanner, the Holga is back in full swing. I shot my first roll on it since I bought the thing 2 months ago. I loved the look of exposed sprockets so I loaded up some 35mm film in it (I also get 10 more shots than with 120 film). Here are a few of the shots:

My new favorite treat. Mmmm…. Galbo……

The walls of my apartment building never looked so good.

Used my sunglasses as a graduated ND filter.

Om nom nom nom…

Very excited this shot came out just like I wanted it to. My favorite of the roll. Sometimes the Holga delivers what you want.

Well there’s roll #46. After this roll I’m done with the sprockets. I used to think they looked funky, but now I think they just distract. Unfortunately I’ve already got a roll of 35mm film in my Holga so I’ll have one more roll of sprockets. I’ll be shooting 120 film like the camera was intended to from now on.

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Some Holga Fun

I bought an overpriced Holga 120CFN a few months ago and shot two rolls of 120 film and two rolls of 135 film. I got them developed but couldn’t get them scanned or printed due to costs and complications. This weekend I finally bought an Epson V600 flatbed scanner and was finally able to see the results!

Anyways, here are some of my favorites:

Some quaint rice paddies in Oizumi.

Uhoh, Amy doesn’t look too happy.


I sort of liked how this looked but I taped up the light leaking area because this was just too leaky.

Little gnome forest. Or for people Amy’s height.

Pretty cool, no idea how this happened.

Well, that’s it for my first experiments with the Holga. It’s a fun camera that can take the self-imposed seriousness out of photography. Sometimes I feel too much pressure to make the shot count, to take a picture of something worthwhile. The Holga lets me not care about any of that and just indiscriminately shoot anything that seems fun or interesting. Can’t wait to pick up some more film for it tomorrow and shoot it again for the first time in months!

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Roll #45

Went to the local temple complex this morning to take a few shots taking advantage of my new ultra-wide angle Nikon 20mm f/2.8 AF-D. To give you an idea of the perspective this focal length can give you, I took three shots of the same statue from the same angle with three different lenses:

Shot at 20mm:

Shot at 50mm:

Shot at 105mm:

Shot at 20mm f/16:

Shooting this wide allows you to really pull in a lot more context behind the subject.

Here are a few more shots:

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Roll #44

My awesome anniversary presents from Amy arrived a week ago:

A Nikon 20mm f/2.8 AF-D and a Nikon Speedlight SB-28.

Well on to roll #43! I shot most of the roll at 20mm, but I didn’t take any shots that really utilized the focal length. Instead I focused on experimenting with flash. Ugh. This will be long and expensive learning curve. I read through, read through the SB-28 manual, and watched Zach Arias’ “Onelight Workshop” before I went out shooting. Unfortunately, the information out there assumes you have a digital SLR with which you could shoot and adjust, shoot and adjust. I set out to a park with my camera, flash, pen, notebook, and a cranky model. I shot, wrote down my settings and environment, and hoped for the best.

This photograph was the only shot in a series of shots that exposed halfway decently (you can actually somewhat make out the subject!). I was experimenting with matrix-metered TTL and bracketing shutter speeds to see how much ambient light was affected at each stop. I didn’t bother with a tripod since I was only trying to figure out exposure. This was handheld at 2 seconds which is why the background bokeh is strange and why parts of Amy blur. The flash was bounced off of a big white metal sign to my right which made this shot more usable than some of the other direct flash shots (though I have no idea if TTL is reliable if the flash head isn’t pointing directly at the subject).

This weekend I went out to a bar where I played around with the flash some more:

I was at a small bar so even bouncing the flash off of walls was too harsh most of the time. Phew, a lot to learn.

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Roll #43

A few photographs from roll #43 all shot on a Nikon 105mm f/2.8 AF-D Micro.

Hah. Nothing to see here folks, move along…..

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First Few Rolls: Thailand & India

I shot my first roll of film in February, 2010 (I know, a few decades late). I was given a Nikon N8008, Quantaray 28-90mm f/3.3-4.5 Macro lens (Quantaray??), and a canister of Fujifilm Superia 200. I was excited to start shooting but a major obstacle presented itself: How the hell do you load film? Prior to this camera, I had been shooting with point and shoots. My friends and I passed the camera around, tapping at it like gorillas trying to figure it out. The good ol’ internet came to the rescue and I finally loaded the film. The next day I shot the roll, sent it away to be developed, eagerly picked it up when it was ready, looked through the prints, and was……. hugely disappointed! Most of the shots were overexposed, underexposed, and/or unfocused. For the rest, the compositions were terrible. I had practiced a lot of composition with my point and shoot, but for some reason all of that went out the window. I was left with these two portraits:

These two are of my friend Robbie. After seeing the depth of field I could get from this SLR, I could never get myself to pick up my point and shoot again.

I went to India the week after and shot four more rolls of junk. By the way, a place rich in photographic opportunities like India is not a good place to learn how to use an analog camera for the first time. Meh.

This is the Baha’i Temple in New Delhi; the only serene place in the whole city. Somehow the mid-afternoon sun didn’t flare this shot like it did with the previous five.

The curves of this building had nice composition potential. I wish I could remember what this was, but it had something to do with astronomy.

India is a culturally rich country, and Varanasi is culturally the richest city in it. Here’s a shot of the ghats on the Ganges river.

This bear reminded me of the gorilla, Ishmael (from the book, Ishmael).

Visited the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta. Amazing.

Some political graffiti in Kolkata.

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A Month in England

Amy and I spent a month in England this past March before starting our new adventure in Japan. It was nice to feel cold again after a year and a half in the heat, it reminded me of home (Boston). Here are a few pictures from the trip:

Putney Neighborhood / Nikon N8008 / Kodak UltraMax 400

Putney Double Exposure / Nikon N8008 / Kodak UltraMax 400

Banksy’s Work in Angel / Nikon N8008 / Kodak UltraMax 400

London Bridge / Nikon N8008 / Kodak UltraMax 400

Outside the Tate / Nikon N8008 / Kodak UltraMax 400

The Tube / Nikon N8008 / Kodak UltraMax 400

This Way, Stonehenge / Nikon N8008 / Kodak UltraMax 400

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